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Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners
When a beginner decides for the first time to trade Forex, he does not have the faintest idea where to start. The only thing certain is the desire to want to make a lot of money. Any trader, before starting with Forex, must have behind a solid education and... Read more
What is Spread in Forex Market?
Spread is very important for the investors. Traders usually open a trading account on a broker depositing their funds. The broker acts on behalf of the trader and obtains as a remuneration for each transaction, both in purchasing and sell, what we call spreads.   Read more
It is not always possible to negotiate immediately and in these cases you need to learn how to trade automatically. Orders can help you get profits or protect you from losses. Trading platforms for the forex market allow entry and execution of different types of orders.   Read more
It’s very important to recognize a trend in a chart, and it’s equally important not to be fooled by a superficial reading. It is important to learn how to recognize the trends in the market, in order to be in the right direction. Finding the trend that is currently... Read more
What is a Trend in Forex?
“Trend is your friend” is a way of saying often used on financial markets, which is the result of a long-term trend study. It is the market to move and consequently, to give birth and death to the trends that characterize the movement of prices. Let’s find out what... Read more
Which are the economic indicators that macroeconomic analysts control every time to study their own strategy. The results of one or more indicators suggest an improvement or a worsening of the economic situation and they are useful in determining future trading strategy on a cross. High volatility situations may... Read more
We have previously dealt with support and resistance levels, but trading based mainly on these two indicators may lead us to some loss caused from false signals. Trading decisions should never be based on one method, but you must always confirm everything with other indicators. We will see what... Read more
Recognize and use support and resistance levels are very important for forex trading. These are two very useful indicators for determining the entry strategies, but they require a minimum of experience to be properly used. Buying when the resistance point has a break and sell when the resistance is... Read more
Forex Technical Glossary
In our guide we have already dealt with important technical issues, but sometimes you have to step back, because mastering an instrument means first knowing the true and pure meaning of technical terms. The Terminology is very important and it is too often taken for granted. We will try... Read more
Margin and Leverage are important tools for online trading and especially for those who trade in the forex market. The margin is the amount of money that must be present on your account to continue trading on the forex and other financial markets. Leverage allows you to move large... Read more