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As we have already mentioned in the previous article, last week the market was affected by the monetary policy decisions of some very important states. First, the Federal Reserve, as expected by traders, raised interest rates at a range of 1,00% — 1,25%. It is his third rise in... Read more
The main market movers of last week were the European Central Bank meeting and the elections in the United Kingdom. The meeting of June of the Governing Council of the ECB was held in Tallinn, Estonia and as expected by the market, the interest rates remained unchanged. As stated... Read more
The main market mover of last week was the GDP of United States. After the disappointment of the preliminary data, the growth of the US economy was strong in the first quarter. US GDP, in its second version, showed a variation of 1,2%, against the 0,7% previously reported. Analysts... Read more
As mentioned in the previous article, last week began with the meeting of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand on monetary policy. The RBNZ has revised upwards its estimates on the official discount rate, consistent with the monetary policy statement of November and announced an increase of 25 basis... Read more
The past week has been very fruitful in terms of macroeconomic and monetary appointments. From the US Federal Reserve decisions up to those of the Bank of England. In no case the market expectations were dashed and monetary policy remained unchanged for both of them. Let’s analyze all the... Read more
In the first week of the year, the attention of the market has been focused on the bullish trend of the euro-US dollar currency pair. EUR / USD continued to rise beyond 1,06 but failed to ride the wave and went back in the last session on Friday, closing... Read more
Best and Worst Trading Assets of 2016
A new year ended and it is time to take stock. The trading world moves very quickly especially when it comes to Forex where currency volatility is the host. We will try to establish a ranking of the best and worst assets of 2016 including currencies, indices, commodities and... Read more
In the last week it happened the most anticipated event of the year, the US presidential election. Although the event stimulates the adrenaline itself, there was also a surprise: Hilary Clinton (the favorite) was beaten by Donald Trump and he will become the new President of the United States.... Read more
Last week did not depart much from the previous ones. There were not important market movers; however, one in particular has caused a change in EUR / USD. The euro-dollar exchange rate emerged from a week of reductions, at least until were published the data on the US labor... Read more
The last week has been an easy week for market movers; the markets moved for real from the second half of the week waiting for the GDP post Brexit of the United Kingdom and Yellen’s speech in Jackson Hole. The last preliminary data on the Gross Domestic Product of... Read more