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Bitcoin: Last Minute Backstory
If cash remains the preferred method of payment, how did the Bitcoin exceed the $ 5.000 threshold? And what does Bitcoin have to do with Venezuela’s crisis? Here are the last minute updates on the most cherished cryptocurrency of the moment. The biggest event of this week is not... Read more
EUR/USD Waiting for FED & ECB Moves
At the beginning of the week that has just ended, the markets movers was about the news coming from the major European countries. First of all, attention was directed to Spain, where the government of Madrid rejected the request for independence of Catalonia after the referendum for its autonomy.... Read more
Forex Trading in the Direction of the Trend
Trading in the direction of the trend is one of the major foundations of successful forex trading. “The trend is your friend” We’re sure that you’ve heard that old saying. It might get a little tiresome to hear little clichés like that, but they truly are said for a... Read more
US Interest Rates Untouched and the Rally of Oil Prices
The most important event of the week was from the United States where the Federal Reserve did not touch interest rates in its September meeting. The cost of money remained at 1,25%, confirming the expectations of analysts who did not anticipate any change in US rates. Before the announcement,... Read more
BoE did not Touch the Interest Rates
In the week following the decision on the interest rates of the European Central Bank, another important meeting comes from Bank of England’s Mark Carney. The Bank of England has decided not to touch either interest rates or Quantitative Easing. As expected by most analysts, interest rates remained at... Read more
An overview of the Binomo Binary Options Broker
The Binomo binary options broker is an example of a highly efficient service for executing trading processes with binary options. The broker’s proprietary resource provides the full range of opportunities for traders to achieve stable earnings. The binary broker is considered one of the leaders on the market. This... Read more
A Sharp Comparison between Logbook Loan and Other Bad Credit Loan
When it comes to bad credit loans, a couple of options come to our mind. First one is a payday loan, and the second one is logbook loan. Which one is most preferable or more convenient? Well, to get the answer, keep going through this article, you will inevitably... Read more
Bitcoins have become an integral part of the stock market and they are linked to companies that can act as miners. The hash network distribution, the primary measure of a Bitcoin miner’s performance, is concentrated in China as most mining companies are located in the Asian country. As well... Read more
Soloforex and Etana Custody Announce Strategic Partnership
Soloforex and Etana Custody have stuck a partnership which will harness the strengths of both companies to provide traders greater transparency, information, and protection of funds.  About Soloforex Soloforex is a forex blog, whose objective is to assist traders in finding a broker destination which best suits their needs... Read more
The first effective week of September focused on the euro/dollar and the European Central Bank’s interest rate decision. The ECB has left unchanged the interest rates and the reference rate remained at 0,00%, confirming all market expectations. The marginal refinancing rate was left at 0,25%, while the one on... Read more