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Soloforex and Etana Custody Announce Strategic Partnership


Soloforex and Etana Custody have stuck a partnership which will harness the strengths of both companies to provide traders greater transparency, information, and protection of funds. 

About Soloforex

Soloforex is a forex blog, whose objective is to assist traders in finding a broker destination which best suits their needs while providing them with information to be as successful at trading as possible.

By accessing the Soloforex blog, traders gain access to up-to-date news which they can use to be more successful.  The information is relevant to all levels of traders.  Beginner traders will find a helpful section containing a guide addressing various issues that traders come across as they are learning to trade efficiently.

Soloforex was a 2017 nominee for best forex blogs by Feedspot, a content reader site.  Visit Feedspot to see the full rankings


About Etana Custody

Etana’s name is derived from the Hawaiian word for “strong” and it’s Etana’s aim to be strong for their clients.  As a registered custodian, traders have a venue to face their brokers while establishing a relationship of trust knowing that their assets are segregated and conflict of interest it mitigated.

Etana’s easy to use proprietary platform provides an e-wallet in addition to providing industry leading risk management solutions (KYC/AML) that assist in mitigating regulatory risk.

By using Etana’s solution, traders can establish relationships with brokers with greater piece of mind knowing that they can drastically reduce the risk of scams and loss of capital.


How to avoid a Forex scam

It is well documented that there are many unreliable brokers who, through aggressive marketing campaigns, cheat large swathes of traders.

Choosing a broker that won’t scam you may seem daunting, however, the “trick” is simple.  Register with brokers who are regulated.

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to Forex but Etana can assist you by representing you to your broker when needed while ensuring that your deposit is segregated.


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