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Central Banks Meetings Dominate the Economic Calendar

This week will be very intense in the Forex market: from November 31 to December 4, the central banks will dominate the economic calendar and all the movements of currencies.

The attention of traders will be devoted to the meetings of the most important central banks of the world: the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of Australia. All of them have scheduled a policy meeting this week.

central banks economic calendar

Even the macroeconomic calendar is quite full of high-impact market movers, including inflation and Eurozone GDP, together with the PMI indices of the UK and other European countries.

From the United States there will be the usual No farm payrolls and the ISM PMI indices.

On Monday we will know the data on the progress of inflation in the Eurozone and then the preliminary version of the third-quarter GDP. Results below expectations could push the ECB to revise the incentive of monetary policy in the economic bloc.

On Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of Australia will have to make a decision on interest rates and the forecast is to keep them unchanged at 1.5%. Following the cut made in August, the Australian central bank does not seem to have given signs for further downside.

The Bank of Japan will take a monetary policy decision on the same day, but analysts do not foresee any substantial changes.

Wednesday will be the time for the FOMC meeting in November, followed by the publication of the Non Farm payrolls in the early afternoon of Friday. Analysts do not believe that the central bank of the United States will touch interest rates just a few days before the 2016 US Elections. However, it will be an important opportunity to seek further confirmation of a rate hike for December meeting.

Thursday finally there will be the Bank of England meeting. The data published last week on the UK GDP surprised positively analysts’ expectations with 0.5% growth in the third quarter. Therefore, there will be less pressure on the central bank of the United Kingdom about the alarming effects of Brexit.

We remind you that with the time change in Italy, which took place the last weekend, the time zone with the United States undergoes changes as well as the opening and closing times on Wall Street and the publication of the market movers on the economic calendar.

Also the United States will adopt standard time, but the Americans will move back the clock on the night between the 1st and the 2nd of November 2016, exactly one week later than Italians.

For one week, it will be like if we lived an hour behind the United States, then Wall Street will not open until 15:30PM, but until 14:30 PM. One hour before for Italians.

It is important to know how the schedules of the markets change with the arriving of the winter time to monitor the markets and understand properly in which time there will be the release of market movers and economic events.

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