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10 Secrets For Trading

Make easy money is the thought of those who approach trading for the first time, but who does it always and made of it his work is not like this. However, it is true that efforts in conjunction with other important features help to earn a lot of money and to become a successful trader.

Here is the list of 10 secrets to follow for those who make online trading.

1st secret: Money Management

Money are the mean by which you can start your trading, that’s why they have to be managed consciously. The question therefore is, according to the data you have, how much you need to invest to be successful.

Careful money management involves risk management, cutting sudden losses and earning profits. Do not just rely on previous wins.

2nd secret: Emotional Control

Although trading is based on logic and rational data, the emotions often play a decisive role, especially among beginners. Most of them, in fact, are guided by emotion and doubts, so their investment ends with a disappointing loss. For this reason a good trader should know how to control his emotions and invest rationally.

There are those who continue to trade to recover losses and end up losing even more and there is who is paralyzed and does nothing. You must first delete the emotions that will be due to other losses. The best solution is to eliminate negative emotion and take a few days off from the markets.

3rd secret: Experience

Successful traders are definitely those with more experience, but they have kept always a great professionalism in the performance of their work. Trading calls professionalism.

4th secret: Learn the Basics

To focus on a particular trade, you need to study what is really happening in the market. This is possible by learning how to read the technical and fundamental analysis.

You must not listen to rumors but you have to look at the chart and set your trading based on what you really see. Do not get influenced.

5th secret: Take Advantage of all Markets

Exploiting as many markets you can invest, it is winning anyway. Currencies, stocks, bonds and metals markets are the best bet, and if you know how trading they will always give excellent earnings.

6th secret: stop losses

Always use stop losses. Only in this way you can have a successful time. When the price does not move in the chosen direction within a short time, it is better to close the position to minimize the loss, even before the price reaches the stop loss.

To avoid significant losses, it is better also to not open big positions, especially at the beginning. The idea is not to get rich in a day or a week, but to gradually increase the amount of your capital gain. And to do that, it is not good to lose money along the way.

7th secret: Follow a Strategy

For professional traders, it is not a problem to implement a lot of strategies at once because they know how to approach different markets. However, one or few strategies are highly successful. Try different strategies and find the one that fits your trading more and master it.

8th secret: Confidence

Trading with confidence in your strategy, in your experience and ability to trade according to what you saw and learnt. Fear will make you take losses; patience will help you to look for new opportunities.

9th secret: Two Cycles, Same Direction

When investing in online trading, it is very important to invest when the cycle you have been playing from 3 months and the ones you have been playing from six are in the same direction. This implies that you have to buy if both rose, and sell if they have fallen.

10th secret: Learning from Mistakes

Analyze your mistakes and try to improve yourself. Mistakes are human, but instead of demoralization, it is useful to take lessons from these to not commit them in the future. Make a note of each bad transaction will be of great help to understand what you are doing right and wrong.

Secrets might be a lot, but everything depends on how you approach the trading. Fortune does not count for sure, but nothing pays more to be at the right time in the right place with a winning strategy.

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