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Forex Trading in the Direction of the Trend
Trading in the direction of the trend is one of the major foundations of successful forex trading. “The trend is your friend” We’re sure that you’ve heard that old saying. It might get a little tiresome to hear little clichés like that, but they truly are said for a... Read more
How to protect your deposit | #1 Forex Trading strategy
Regardless of its tremendous daily turnover of $5.1 trillion, unmatched by any other financial market segment, high liquidity and seemingly numerous opportunities for profit from both positive and negative global events, the Foreign Exchange Market represents a volatile and risky environment, where security is increasingly becoming a luxury. As... Read more
The stock market is constantly changing. Stocks that were hot yesterday may be completely off the radar today or vice-versa. Therefore, you have to actively manage your stock lists to prevent them from growing stale and having no relevancy. There is an assumption that keeping and managing a well-put... Read more
Brexit’s Impact On The Forex Market
The commotion over the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union (a move known as the “Brexit”) has finally died down, but a little more than a year ago he whole world watched while the UK prepared for a referendum on the decision. There were a lot of... Read more