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There is a strange steady calm on both the foreign exchange market and the stock market. The euro/dollar rally seems to have stopped and Wall Street is so calm that even the Italian stock market has better results. Let’s see in detail what is happening in these markets in... Read more
As we said in the previous article, this week would be that of PMI data. Here those of the two major Western economies: the United States and the Eurozone. Previous Article: Federal Reserve: Third Rate Rise in Six Months Preliminary data on manufacturing, composite and services indices in June... Read more
Investing in coffee is a fairly interesting option for diversifying your portfolio and for short term investment. There are various ways to invest in coffee, but any method you choose, the profits depend entirely on the production conditions that causes constant price fluctuations.   Read more
Index Trading VS Stock Trading
Almost all non traders are aware of the main European, US and Asian stock indexes, because they are reported in the news. However many traders and certainly most non traders do not know how the stock indexes are traded. The first index was created by Charles Dow in May... Read more
Binary Options on Commodities: Gold, Silver and Oil Declining Prices
The 2017 has just begun but there is already some commodity which begins to suffer losing the territory acquired in 2016. The first material to mention is the gold that has suffered a sharp setback veering downward after hitting two-month highs in recent days. After the concerns about the... Read more
Best and Worst Trading Assets of 2016
A new year ended and it is time to take stock. The trading world moves very quickly especially when it comes to Forex where currency volatility is the host. We will try to establish a ranking of the best and worst assets of 2016 including currencies, indices, commodities and... Read more
Oil Prices Rise Again and Bitcoin Breaks its Psychological Threshold
In the week prior to Christmas there were not many market movers to shake up the market but the effect of the Federal Reserve’s decision still weighs on the US dollar and on the forex market. The US currency, after taking what he could from its competitors, won on... Read more
Last week has finally come the most anticipated time of the year by all traders, investors and market operators: the rise in the Federal Reserve interest rates for the second time in the last 10 years. This time the market was right. The members of the Federal Reserve has... Read more
Oil Price Rise after Opec Decision; Gold and Silver Suffers the Consequence of US Dollar Strength
The market movers published in the past week have affected both the new and the old Continent, from data on manufacturing PMI to the unemployment rate. The news that has dragged more the markets, however, can be attributed to the agreement of the OPEC to cut 1.2 million barrels... Read more
The week after Donald Trump election as the new President of the United States has been a succession of positive and negative comments about his possible actions, while some Americans protesting against his taking office on the 20th of  January, 2017. The market has softened this news and after... Read more