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Trader.Online Forex Broker Review


Trader.Online Forex Broker Review – where traders trade
They are new, and ready to take over the Forex industry. Established in the early 2018,
Trader.Online is a Forex broker with the aim to make trading accessible, simple, fast and
rewarding for traders around the world. The broker stands out of its competition simply by its
willingness to provide the best possible to all its traders. In this review, we will take a closer
look at the different features and services available at Trader.Online and what really makes
Trader.Online who they are today.

Assets & trading platform
Trader.Online Forex Broker is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders alike who can
trade over 200 assets effortlessly on the most straightforward platform. Hence, this can be of
great benefit for newbies who can start trading in a safer way with the help of experts.

The broker provides two trading tools, which are named ‘Forex’ and ‘Simplex’ respectively,
and both consists of different inbuilt features for a smooth trading journey. With both tools,
traders can invest on a variety of assets, ranging from major currency pairs – EUR/USD,
USD/CHF, GBP/USD to major companies stocks, global futures, commodities such as crude
and gold; and the most trending cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Different assets consist of different Leverage Size and traders can easily select their ‘level of
risk’ while they are placing transactions, and trade at their convenience. Leverage size starts
as from 1:25 and can reach up to 1:200. Various trades can be placed and monitored on the
trading platform itself under a section called ‘Open Positions.’

The desktop platform is most recommended and more functional as traders can check live
charts, live news and invest accordingly. However, the mobile platform is also available for
iOS, and Android, allowing anyone to trade any place they want and any hour of the day since
it is based 24/7.

Funding & Withdrawal
Payments and withdrawals are fast and easy, and both can be done with Credit/Debit cards or
Wire Transfer method, anything the trader prefers. To be able to withdraw funds, a trader
needs to submit some documents required by the broker and only a minimum of amount of
$100 can be withdrawn. However, there also involves a withdrawal fee that also needs to be
processed while requesting for withdrawals.

Trader.Online Forex Broker is a reliable broker in the trading industry and that is why it offers
a safe trading experience, it follows strict SSL protocols to protect personal information;

traders identity is protected and secure as the broker has implemented strong algorithms on
its website. Furthermore, it uses segregated accounts to manage funds of clients and those of
the company itself.

Education & Learning
To assist traders in their endeavours, Trader.Online provides online training materials, from
Forex Basics, Technical Indicators, and Market Guard. These sections consist of articles which
can help anyone who wants to trade. Additionally, there is also a news section, aimed at
informing about ongoing news causing an impact on the financial market.
Short videos talking about particular assets, providing through analysis and useful trading tips
are made available to keep clients updates about the financial world and global assets.
Trader.Online also provides a weekly Economic Calendar which can help many who are
looking for events before placing transactions on the trading platform.
Account Types
This broker allows traders to benefit from its features by choosing the right account type,
including ‘Take-Off,’ ‘Booster,’ and ‘Uplift.’ All the three accounts promise a Welcome Bonus,
promotional emails, support service, weekly webinars; and much more, depending on the
kind of account someone chooses.

Support team
The support team is said to be very responsive to all queries and can be contacted by phone,
email or chat. The team operated 24/7 – and can thus be contacted any time. Unfortunately,
the website is available only in English for now, it may provide other languages as well in the

Trade Easily With Trader.Online
Since the forex market is very competitive, brokers need to stand out to be noticed and
chosen by traders. Hence, it is important that brokers differentiate themselves by providing an
excellent service. Here are some of the main features of this broker:

● 24/7 customer care
● Fast payment & withdrawal process
● Informative & Educative materials
● User-friendly trading platform
● Daily news & asset analysis
● No limits on trading & profits
● Safe and Secure platform

Trader.Online is an attractive choice for many traders across the globe who wish to trade a
variety of assets and enjoy profits. With its user-friendly interface, traders of all fields can
discover and work on new strategies to achieve goals.

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