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The Bitcoin Cash which attempts to get back, the thud of Ripple following the regulatory requests,
the birth of the European Blockchain Partnership. Here are the news of the moment on the
cryptocurrencies market.

In the background of the continuing volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the Ripple quotation has
returned to losing ground after the regulatory demands formulated by British institutions.
Most traders attribute the cause of the thud of the Ripple quotation observed in this week, to the
requests of a major regulation of the phenomenon. For others, however, the decline represented a
natural and momentary phase of retracement compared to the progress of recent days.
XRP’s head of regulatory relations has asked regulators to strengthen the cryptocurrency
legislation by adopting a similar approach to that of Japan, where legislators have already imposed
on all exchanges to have adequate licenses to operate legally.
For experts, the strange requests of the company have slowed the advance of the quotation of
Ripple, which after having only touched the share of $ 0,70 has returned to $ 0,63.
For a long time, the hypothesis of closer global regulation terrified the cryptocurrency sector and
was identified as one of the main drivers of the crash at the beginning of the year.

Speaking of the decline of cryptocurrencies, 2018 has not been particularly gracious to them. The
market has dealt with the growing concerns related to the regulation of the phenomenon as well as
with the closure of some large companies (Google, Facebook and Twitter) to the advertising
related to them. The fears related to the explosion of the so-called bubble have certainly not helped
the sector, which has finally weighed the season of taxes in the United States.
It is not too late to get back on track because there are many predictions that attest to a return of
Bitcoin Cash around $ 2.000 by May.
From the beginning of the year to today the Bitcoin Cash quotation has followed the same path as
its other major colleagues. After reaching record highs at the end of December, the cryptocurrency
undertook a period of slow decline that brought BCH/USD up to $ 610.
The skeptics, however, remain, because if Bitcoin Cash will reach that goal, then the recovery
would be over 150 percent points within a few weeks and right now the $ 2.000 still appear very

The first European alliance on the blockchain was officially born. Signed on the occasion of the
Digital Day 2018, the partnership will have the objective of promoting the exchange of skills and
experience in technological matters and making fertile the ground for the launch of blockchain
applications at European level, which will affect both the public and private sectors.
There are 22 countries that have joined in a similar alliance and have chosen to get on the
bandwagon of the digital market: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic,
France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland,
Slovenia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
Through the European Blockchain Partnership, all the countries will try to pursue greater
cooperation both from a technical and a regulatory point of view. All this, they explained from
Brussels, with the aim of making Europe a leader in the development and in the spread of
blockchain technology.
And technology is the driving force behind cryptocurrencies. Not surprisingly, Bill Gates, co-founder
of Microsoft, expressed this opinion regarding cryptocurrencies: “Bitcoin is a technological tour de

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