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Binary options trading allow you to operate on different assets and choose which is suited to your style of trading. Some of these assets are exchanged in a very large period of time or even 24h / 24 such as currencies and commodities.

Everything depends on the opening hours of the markets around the world. Stocks are in fact subject to more limited times that depend on the markets opening hours. Considering the different time zones and the opening hours of the most important stock markets in the world, then trading in stocks can enjoy more extended hours.

The binary option brokers act as market maker and the best gains are derived from moments of high liquidity that occurs when there are numerous purchases and sales.

The main assets that affect trading binary options are four: currencies, stocks, indices and commodities. Here are the best times in which to operate with these assets.

Currencies are one of the most popular assets traded through the online trading thanks to Forex trading and that lasts all day without interruption. The currencies are exchanged in pairs and the most known is Euro / US dollar (i.e. EUR / USD). The market is particularly lively when times of Europe and Asia sessions overlap, or London and New York sessions.

The overlap of these trading sessions takes place from 07:00 EST to 11:00 EST and between 14:00 EST and 17:00 EST. In currency trading you have to consider what is the pair to operate on and when they are stronger. For example, during the timetable between London and New York, the strongest currencies are the US dollar and the pound.

For the commodity market the times are similar to currencies, but trading in this case does not take place without interruption. The commodities are traded on markets which have specific times.

While oil is bought and sold around the world, but the best time is from 10:00 EST to 16:15 EST. Gold and silver are traded especially in London and United States sessions (from 8:30 EST to 16:30 EST). For natural gas the best time is from 9:30 EST to 16:30 EST.

Shares are traded on the stock markets in a period from six to eight hours and only from Monday to Friday.

Even stocks of many large companies headquartered outside United States are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. For this reason, Wall Street is often used as a reference when it comes to trading in stocks.

Perfect time to trade in stocks is during the opening hours of the US stock market from 09:30 EST to 16:00 EST.

Some European markets are also important, especially the London FTSE (open from 8:00 GMT to 16:30 GMT).

The indices are considered CFD, i.e. those instruments that measure the trade movement. Although stock indices are very popular for binary options: Dow Jones, S&P 500, DAX 30, NASDAQ100, FTSE etc…. These are then linked to the performance of certain stocks and then it is important to consider the same timetable of trading stocks.

With binary options, traders have the opportunity to bet on more exotic assets such as indices of Mexican or Israeli market. In this case traders will have to respect the opening hours of the Middle East stock markets (from Sunday to Thursday).

If you follow these time zones to trade on a particular asset, surely you will be more successful because the markets will be more active.

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