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5 Basic Rules for Beginners


Trading binary options is a highly speculative activity and it is true that is possible to make money with online trading in a short time, but there is also the risk of losing the entire investment.

It is important to consider carefully whether this is for you and what can be helpful to your needs and expectations.

There is nothing worse than a beginner who starts trading in disarray, dazzled by the promise of easy gains. Most of the time, this type of situations end up in large losses and negative comments on this and that brokers denouncing they have been scammed.

There are rules to follow to start trading. Those rules are not mandatory, but they are very important to start trading without ending up with no money in the account.

  1. 1. TRAINING is the keyword. First of all it is important to know what you are doing and where. Knowing what means trading online/ financial market/binary option is the first thing to do. You need to understand the market where you are trading in order to take all the useful moves and have success.

Trading is a dynamic market which is evolving and requires, like any other business, training and constant updating.


  1. 2. UNDERSTAND RISKS. You need to know the risk if you want to understand if the trading plan can lead you to a success or a failure.
    1. Sometimes there is not much “negotiating action” because risks are visibly high and you will need to trade anyway. Avoid this; do not trade just for the sake of trading.


  1. 3. TRADING PLAN. Trading without a plan can lead to disaster. A trading plan can help you keep your head firmly on your shoulders while the atmosphere of the market begins to overheat.


  1. This can be helpful even in the future. A registry with old negotiations provides ideas for your upcoming trading decisions. It will help to identify trading models of which you are not aware.


  1. A trading log will help you remember why you made your trade and learn the difference between what has been planned for and a possible failure.


    1. 4. REGULATION. It is very important to work on a regulated broker.
      1. Make sure to trade on a licensed and regulated broker who is able to protect yourself and help you operate in accordance with standards established by law.
      2. This means choosing to protect your investment, with the guarantee of trading on secure platforms and operating as required by law.
    1. Choose the right broker is a longer and delicate process. An error in this choice can lead to catastrophic consequences, while a good choice can lead to outstanding results. A good broker should be reliable, safe and honest. However, it must also be easy to use and it has to be affordable.
    1. 5. CLARITY OF MINDS. Observe, evaluate and take action, this is the plan to follow. It is forbidden to leave something to chances.

    If you are still convinced that you can only ever win, the road changes. Trading means two things: winning and losing. Losing is part of trading, you must learn to manage it well and never be caught up in the emotions.

    Knowing how to read the charts objectively and find out how to act is critical to being successful. Remaining polished and have a cool head are basic requirements that you must learn to success.

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