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Fast Trading For Fast Traders: 60 Seconds VS. One Shot Strategies


Binary options is one of the most popular investment trades in the financial industry today. These are usually traded over a period of 1 week, 1 day and an hour.

However, the latest developments in this ever evolving financial market have introduced an even shorter expiry period. This is the case of 60 Second and One Touch operations.

There are many forums and websites that consider these operations like the most profitable strategy to use for binary options.

In order to find a way to earn maximum profit, let’s test which is more profitable: 60 Seconds Strategy or One Touch Strategy?

60 Second operation is one of the latest innovations and since it was introduced in the last quarter of 2011, it has already been implemented by most binary options brokers and was well-accepted in the financial market online.

The name comes from the fact that the expiration time is shrunk to 60 seconds.

60 Seconds strategy is a perfect choice for beginners or those who are looking to enter the online world of trading as you do not have to worry about the changing trends after expiration.

However, people who have experience in the market can evaluate the markets and trends within a few seconds. A beginner can suffer a great degree of loss in this.

Compared to higher expiry periods, the 60 second trade allows trade lower amounts so you can easily let go of your losses in case your predictions are incorrect.

What is advantageous though is that you are not required to dedicate an entire day or a part of it to trade.The 60 second method offers a quicker way of getting investment returns but this however is not ideal for anyone who simply wishes to trade and get profits.

There is slight amount of risk involved in this trading option and it is possible to make a lot of profit and up to 70-80% of payback.

60 seconds trading is suitable for liquid assets. You can also set a different time if allowed, for example you can also select 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 150 seconds.

Just because the expiry period runs for a minute doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take it seriously. In fact, you need to be aggressive with your trades in order to get profits. In fact, when markets are intensely traded, one needs to have a solid strategy and effective money management skills.

One touch is a powerful option in which you have to choose the price direction and you have the liability to set the expiry time and there is no restriction about it.

You have to foretell that the asset will touch a certain rise or fall trend. Thus, if the price is achieved at its expiration you are “in money” and you earn the profit.

One touch strategy is becoming increasingly famous for giving extraordinary rates of returns. It is known for providing up to 500% return on an investment.

This is true but this is for those who are experienced traders about market trends. This is because prediction of the direction is not enough.

If you think that a particular asset will not reach the strike price then you can switch to the “No touch” which allows you to have control over your investments. This means a managed risk.

One touch is a flexible trading option as some brokers will allow you to keep a good balance between investments and profit. This implies that it is possible to know what the costs and payouts will be.

One touch operations offer variable payout conditions. For example, you do not have to wait to receive your payout if the asset value reaches the target. Many brokers will offer you the profit even before the maturity time.

Trades with such a limited time period requires to be more informed and knowledgeable of the sudden possible changes or factors that can have a great impact on the price of the asset that you wish to trade.

It is important to be well prepared before engaging in such a short expiry period because money can move extremely fast in a minute and you could either earn or lose an investment.

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